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[DIFF] 14:09 Info albertomilone
[DIFF] 13:25 Info adconrad
[DIFF] 12:40 Info juliank [1-2] #02 Add journal fields
[DIFF] 10:57 Info sylvain-pineau checkbox-provider-ed gex-parts
[DIFF] 09:38 Info alexhung
[DIFF] 09:37 Info alexhung
[DIFF] 15:39 Info cosmos-door [1-5] #02 Upload of attachment 'osc2019tksp.pdf'.
#03 Attachment 'osc2019tksp.pdf' deleted.
#04 Upload of attachment 'osc2019tksp.pdf'.
#05 Attachment 'osc2019tksp.pdf' deleted.
[DIFF] 10:24 Info juergh [1-3]
[DIFF] 10:13 Info brian-murray BugControl can now target bugs to a release
[DIFF] 20:34 Info jelmorini
[DIFF] 18:28 Info tomreyn Add 18.04
[DIFF] 09:38 Info vorlon [1-3] #02 set up config in the environment variables instead of commandline options so we can simplify our explanations and have fewer cases later
#03 only list sha256 in pcrs (less spammy, and we should definitely never care about sha1)
[DIFF] 09:22 Info legovini
[DIFF] 02:10 Info nhaines [1-3] #01 Updated agenda
#02 Updated meeting date.
#03 Renamed from 'CaliforniaTeam/Meet ings/19February17'. Meeting date rescheduled.
[DIFF] 02:09 Info nhaines [1-3] #01 Corrected actual error in previous meeting date (guess it's past time to eat).
#02 Corrected previous meeting date.
#03 Updated previous meeting dates.
[DIFF] 01:59 Info nhaines Updated future meeting dates.
[DIFF] 01:58 Info nhaines Updated current meeting date.
[DIFF] 22:17 Info bryanquigley the website needs updating, but the official answer is 2 years for 12.04 ESM
[DIFF] 14:09 Info cyphermox [1-8]
[DIFF] 14:06 Info cyphermox [1-2]
[DIFF] 13:52 Info robert-ancell [1-2]
[DIFF] 11:29 Info cyphermox
[DIFF] 10:41 Info gaughen
[DIFF] 10:41 Info gaughen
[DIFF] 09:38 Info slashd
[DIFF] 09:01 Info colin-king [1]
alexhung [2-3]
[DIFF] 05:30 Info guiverc add guiverc to tomorrow's meeting
[DIFF] 05:28 Info guiverc [1-3] #02 additional info
#03 update info
[DIFF] 21:47 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 21:45 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 21:44 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 21:11 Info sortegap
[DIFF] 19:20 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 17:03 Info rexbouwense [1-2]
[DIFF] 16:56 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 16:55 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 16:46 Info rexbouwense [1-2]
[DIFF] 15:06 Info alan-griffiths [1-2]
[DIFF] 14:35 Info jbicha [1]
ken-vandine [2-3]
#01 hitori snap config accepted upstream and auto builds enabled
[DIFF] 09:07 Info adconrad
[DIFF] 04:36 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 04:31 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 04:26 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 04:25 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 04:22 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 01:57 Info paulgear replace Drupal with Wordpress; remove wiki
[DIFF] 22:30 Info paulw2u Minor grammar corrections
[DIFF] 21:48 Info guiverc removed some content on request by marcusdean.adams@gma (via IRC first #ubuntu-news)
[DIFF] 08:42 Info adamsmith [1-2] #02 Added pi3 links


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