Website Themes for Community Use

Who should use these

This webpage includes information relevant to the Ubuntu Web Presence Team and official Local Communities. Here you'll find resources to build up a loco website or other useful community web services.

If you plan to use listed resources in other ways than described above, please remove the branding parts.

To follow this team progress, please subscribe to mailing list.

What we need

Currently a team of community volunteers is being created. Those people will create teams to work for supporting web resources across a list of software packages like CMS and bulletin boards.

Code Hosting

Three Bzr Branches have been created for the development of the new community themes. There is a branch for the base theme (lp:ubuntu-website/light-base-theme). After the theme in this branch has been agreed upon, work will begin on the WordPress (lp:ubuntu-website/light-wordpress-theme) and Drupal (lp:ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme) basing them on the base theme.

Base theme

Goal: Create a plain HTML/CSS file that can serve as a basis for the other themes, ideally even sharing the CSS and images created for this theme. This theme may be translated into many different human languages and be implemented in several different CMSs.

Bzr Branch: lp:ubuntu-website/light-base-theme

Updated Web Guidelines (14th Oct) Hello, here are some updated web guidelines from Alejandra:

The previous guidelines we were using were not designed with community sites in mind, they were more for sites that should provide a seemless experience to These guidelines attached are for use across all of the sites in the Ubuntu ecosystem and features

People working on this theme:

Drupal theme

Goal: Adapt the Base theme for use as a drupal module

Bzr Branch: lp:ubuntu-website/light-drupal-theme

People working on this theme:

WordPress theme

Goal: Adapt the Base theme for use with WordPress, write documentation on how to deploy a multi-language loco-website and maintain the plugins it will require.

Bzr Branch: lp:ubuntu-website/light-wordpress-theme

People working on this theme:

The Fridge

(added per newz2000 suggestion by akgraner)

Here are the changes to the mock-up for the new (Word Press) Fridge these changes are based on -

Not sure we need the picture area all the time but it would be nice to have if we can mange to have a pic with each story or even an Ubuntu Photo of thew week.. or something

Since we want the Fridge to be the information radiator of the community and link to all areas in the community as well as link to the offical news in the community then we need a lot of changes

I am not a web designer so if these would make sense arranged some other please do so.

(Would like this to be the page where we can put the full version of the Newsletter in HMTL format and we can make it search able)

(not sure if there is a redirect page that will be set to link to Current Release Schedule. If there isn't then at the end of each cycle we'll need to change the link)

LoCo Team Information - Description of LoCo teams then the following links


List of Team

Ubuntu Global Jam

Ubuntu Release Parties

Other Ideas for LoCo Team Events

Ubuntu Governance - description then the following links

Code of Conduct

Community Council

IRC Council

Forum Council

LoCo Council

Membership Boards

Ubuntu Development Teams (any other team you think needs to go here) - description of some sort then links their wiki pages and/or lastest meeting minutes










Community Participation - Description of why Community participation is important then link to following areas

Use links from contribute on





Bug Squad

Where you can find out more about the People who contribute to Ubuntu

Hall of Fame

The Planet


Canonical Voices

Canonical News

Ubuntu-UK Podcast

Weekly Ubunty Q&A with Jono Bacon

Maybe this could the About the News team? Or would that be better as one of the links across the top. If so can you add an about as page one then just remember the other ones.

Would like this to stand out and be link to how to contribute, join the news team, and other ways to contact the team.

The rest of the text on the page can be deleted.

What we have

1. Drupal project is maintained by ubuntu-drupal team on launchpad.

2. WordPress project is maintained by wordpress-loco team on launchpad.

How to get them


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