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How to make a Laptop Testing Report

Laptop testing is not that hard. You just need a laptop and time to test. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Install or run a live CD of the most current point release of the development version of Ubuntu ( ).

  2. Check on LaptopTestingTeam if there is already a report for your laptop. If there is hit the upper left edit link and add your WikiName to the testing page. Then see if you have anything different, or can add to the existing report*. Otherwise...

  3. Create a new page for your test results. If you own a Toshiba Tecra M2, then the new page is named . You can create the new page by typing the address in your browser and then following it. Choose the LaptopTestingTeamTemplate

  4. Add an entry to the table on LaptopTestingTeam, or on your manufacturers sub-page. The vintage should give a rough idea of the date the laptop was originally on sale or purchased. Just the year is fine. If you don't already have a page connected to your WikiName now is the time to make one, use the premade template called Homepage. Make sure there's a way people can contact you.

  5. Now you're ready to fill out the testing report. If you need help, see the info below and the LaptopTestingTeam/FAQ. Don't file any bugs at yet.

  6. Fill out all the information in a new column of your report. File bugs for anything that doesn't work, find debugging tips in the LaptopTestingTeam/FAQ and remember to mention if the problem was not in the stable version.

  7. When a new point release for the development version comes out, install that and correct any information. File new bugs for items that are now broken and remember to close any bugs for things that now work.

Remember that LaptopTestingTeam/FAQ can help with common problems and questions. Please add anything that could help others reporting bugs.

Once you've done all that, sit back and take a break! Thanks for helping Ubuntu run on your laptop.

The Ubuntu Laptop Team

* Please add a new column to the existing report if there is none for your current major version: If the existing columns are "Dapper" and "Edgy (current development version)", and your version is Feisty, please make the column headers correspond to "Dapper", "Edgy (pre-release version)", "Feisty".

The rest of this page supplements the LaptopTestingTeamTemplate.

Testing Tips

These are questions to help you test. Please fill out the table, as seen on LaptopTestingTeamTemplate.


Did the installer complete without errors?

Basic Hardware Test

Advanced Hardware Test

Power Management Test


Links to source code [from CNR service] los-precertui_0.1.7-0.0.50.linspire0.1.dsc los-precertui_0.1.7-0.0.50.linspire0.1.tar.gz

I found a partial answer in the Kubuntu hardware database program which CLAIMS to send a complete technical listing of my hardware to a Ubuntu database server. It also obviously tested by sound card, video, keyboard, and mouse, but all other tests were veiled. I was also unable to obtain verification (via the built in query) that the database was properly written to the server. Note that I have added the database record number to the testing record for use in bug chasing and the like, and thus suggest that an entry be built into the laptop testing template! [kenyon_karl (at)]

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