Forums Community Governance Codification

The Ubuntu Forums represent many people's first meeting with Ubuntu. They are an important resource for support and social interactions. The forums were started as an independent project by Ryan Troy in 2004 and their rapid success was officially recognized when they were designated as the Official Ubuntu Forums.

This document aims to:

Wider Ubuntu Community Policy

The forums are part of the wider Ubuntu community which is governed as described on the governance page of the Ubuntu website.

Note that the document above is structured to describe NOT JUST the Forums, but all the areas of the project which are large and independent enough to have their own dedicated leadership structures.

Team Councils

For active teams and subprojects with Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Community council delegates many of its responsibilities to "Team Councils." These councils act as proxies for the Community Council over a particular team or scope of activity within the Ubuntu community. These governance councils are ultimately responsible for the actions and activity within their team or scope and resolves disputes and manage policies and procedures internal to their team and frequently appoint Ubuntu members on behalf of the CC.

The Ubuntu Forums Council (FC) is the team governance council for the the official Ubuntu forums.

Forums Council Charter

The forums council is the group that is ultimately responsible for the governing the forums and interfacing between the forums and the rest of the Ubuntu community and governance systems. It will:

The FC would have a number of rights and responsibilities, and be ultimately responsible for the smooth operation of the forums. These include:

Staff and Ubuntu Membership

Forums staff will be appointed by the forums council. Forums staff are expected to uphold and set an example that is consistent with the Code of Conduct.

Forums staff and participants have the option to become Ubuntu members. Current staff can apply for membership at an Ubuntu CC meeting. Their contributions as staff members and contributors on the forums should provide more than sufficient evidence of a sustained and significant contribution to the Ubuntu community.

Dispute Resolution

The FC will be responsible for maintaining forum guidelines and systems for internal conflict resolution (e.g., the forums resolution center).

Additionally, there should provide a documented method whereby any disagreements or conflicts between moderators can request a hearing by the FC.

In extreme situations, users and moderators who feel that they have not been given a fair hearing by the FC can appeal a decision to the CC. The CC considers the FC to be a greater authority on forums matters and in the majority of these cases, the CC will likely refer these issues back to the FC.

Any deadlock within the FC will can be referred to the community council for resolution.

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