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Officially the em2880 is em2840 + DVB_T (Analogue/DVB-T Hybrid USB Tuner)


Alternative howtos (if you want to write an howto, always refer to this site since things might change, please state that out explicitly at the beginning too!) Note: The firmware installation became easier now, these links aren't uptodate yet. Feel free to contact the writers of outdated howtos.

Original installation description starts here:

If you have one of the following devices you need to get a copy of the xceive firmware.

Mirror 1: http://konstantin.filtschew.de/v4l-firmware/

Mirror 2: http://www.tuxamito.com.es/em2880/

$ sha1sum filename
0bddf428ef4e8b532002d5a7ba7bddfdeb99085b  firmware.tgz
caa44ded1e1d6cf3a9a9e530caca840a92d6920f  firmware_v2.tgz
792193b3e073c27d1d2eccebc72ec9ad1b6950a6  firmware_v3.tgz
134d3b77b40d1b1298a91bb32c44544cebf77e64  firmware_v4.tgz

Following devices might need firmware.tgz (if analogue doesn't work out try firmware_v2.tgz or firmware_v3.tgz and please report it to me (<mrechberger_at_gmail.com>). It's very likely that some of these devices require firmware_v3 to get audio work):

$ cd /lib/firmware 
$ sudo wget http://konstantin.filtschew.de/v4l-firmware/firmware.tgz 
$ sudo tar xvzf firmware.tgz

These devices require firmware_v2:

$ cd /lib/firmware 
$ sudo wget http://konstantin.filtschew.de/v4l-firmware/firmware_v2.tgz
$ sudo tar xvzf firmware_v2.tgz

These devices require firmware_v3:

$ cd /lib/firmware
$ sudo wget http://konstantin.filtschew.de/v4l-firmware/firmware_v3.tgz
$ sudo tar xvzf firmware_v3.tgz

These devices require firmware_v4:

$ cd /lib/firmware
$ sudo wget http://konstantin.filtschew.de/v4l-firmware/firmware_v4.tgz
$ sudo tar xvzf firmware_v4.tgz

The firmware is a piece of software which is needed by your device and gets uploaded by the linux driver, it's not stored on the device itself so you won't change the behavior of that device in Windows.

Check out the source code (do not use the web frontend for downloading the repository):


$ hg clone http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb

Build the source:

$ cd v4l-dvb
$ make
$ sudo make install

Before posting any error messages, reboot your machine here.

Now load the drivers:

$ sudo modprobe em28xx

To verify that your setup was correct you might compare your dmesg output with ones on following wiki site: http://linuxtv.org/v4lwiki/index.php/Em2880/dmesg If you device isn't listed there please help to complete the list and add your device there too.

Scanning for channels for xine (dvbscan is called scan in Debian) (replace de-Muenchen with your frequency file)

$ dvbscan -n -o zap -p de-Muenchen > ~/.xine/channels.conf

For Ubuntu 6.06 (and maybe others?) try something like this (replace de-Koeln-Bonn with your frequency file)

$ scan -n -o zap -p /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-t/de-Koeln-Bonn
0x0000 0x0022: pmt_pid 0x0220 BR -- Bayerisches FS (running)
0x0000 0x0023: pmt_pid 0x0230 BR -- BR-alpha (running)
0x0000 0x00e1: pmt_pid 0x0e10 BR -- SÜDWEST BW (running)
0x0000 0x0041: pmt_pid 0x0410 BR -- hr-fernsehen (running)

I'll add support for other applications by time when I have DVB-T around again. But for now only dvbscan, xine and kaffeine are well tested and supported.

If you have any problems with the installation have a look at this site: http://mcentral.de/wiki/index.php/Talk:Em2880. It contains some frequently asked questions, you're invited to extend that site!

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