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About Me

I am a teenager and my journey started 2 years ago, although I got involved into the community in 2009. My first encounter with ubuntu was when I got frustrated with Windows and wanted to look for an alternative. Since then I have recommended Ubuntu to anyone and everyone who came in contact with me. Most of my work is in the field of Computer Vision and OpenCV: the art of making computer see what we do using mathematics. I am now more familiar with Ubuntu packaging policies, after messing up so much, I have pretty much memorized all different types of error messages you can get while packaging. Compared to when I started off, my skills have definitely improved a lot. I wish to have Edubuntu upload rights so that I can upload patches and bug fixes and new as quickly as I can (after a sanity-check of course) and help Edubuntu rise again

My Understanding

A lot of people think that Ubuntu is only software and CD's but my thinking is different mostly because I could get in touch with some really amazing people in the community, those who respect each others ideas and this is what make Ubuntu different. Compare this to Microsoft, if I send them a blueprint of my idea, they would most likely not respond to the email and even if by some miracle they do, they would most likely say "Run Along..."

One of the most amazing features of Ubuntu is the vibrant community. This enables people like you and me to play a part in making something bigger than themselves. Events like Ubuntu Open Week and Developer Week also introduce the latest and coolest features in Ubuntu.


There are a lot of people who have helped me out in my journey, and I have been perhaps fortunate to get in touch with these great people. Here are some people, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to:

Hats off to you guys. There's isn't much I have said and can say about these people besides two words: Thank You







You can see my packaging work here




Future Plans

My plan in recent future is to learn more Ubuntu so I can make more patches and help others more than what I can now.


This is where you can say what you think about me and my work in Ubuntu:


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