Ubuntu Advertisements and Buttons for Websites

The buttons were put together by AaronWaite. Copy the images to your server and use them to link to http://www.ubuntu.com. (It is not advisable to link directly to images in a wiki, as they are likely to be moved around.

ubuntu_button_80x15.png 80x15 Steal this button!

ubuntu_button_88x31.png 88x31 Powered by Ubuntu

ubuntu_button_110x32.png 110x32 Powered by Ubuntu

ubuntu_button_120x60.png 120x60 Powered by Ubuntu

ubuntu_button_120x60_share.png 120x60 Share Ubuntu

ubuntu_button_120x60_human.png 120x60 Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings

ubuntu_button_120x60_ooh.png 120x60 Ooh! Ooh! Ubuntu!

ubuntu_button_180x60.png 180x60 Powered by Ubuntu

ubuntu_banner_468x60.png 468x60 Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings

A shaded 80x15: ubuntu_button_80x15_shaded.png

Here's a 80x15 button I made, thought I could as well share it: ubuntu80x15logo.png

JustinFlavin: i made this 80x15 button, in Ubuntu orange ubuntubuttonorange.png

Lizzeh: I have made one for Ubuntu Women ubuntuwomenbutton.png

Michiel3: Another 80x15 button to those who want "get" in their buttons. http://avalanchestudios.net/uploads/getubuntu.png

Диакон Николай Станошек: This is the 80x15 button I use on http://www.EuphrosynosCafe.com ubuntuu.png

xoaqin: Get Ubuntu button getubuntu.png

commodore: I did some too under creative-commons-share-alike 1.png 2.png 3.PNG 5.png

jperez: I decided to make one of my own. I emulated the ubuntu font in the bitmap format to make the text. getubuntu_80x15.png

Ubuntu-88x31.gif 88x31 Ubuntu Button

NextStep(PetriceanuA): glossy button; [180x60px] ubuntu-spread.png

Another Button by CraigAdams:

ubuntu_button_alt_180x59.png 180x59 Alternate Ubuntu Button

ubuntu_button_alt_95x31.png 95x31 Alternate Ubuntu Button


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