The current Feature tour is here

which does a nice job of showing off the features of Ubuntu 8.04 on desktop. There is no need to throw all this out

Some points that should be incorporated in the design

Vitaly Babiy (Vbabiy) Layout Prototype


How the layout will work

The right column will have list of category of Ubuntu features, such as Internet, Games, Chat and so on. when a user clicks on a category it will update the descriptions and screen shots. I personal think that ever screen shot should have a bullet explaining the feature about that software that is displayed in the screen shot.

Then when a user mouses over or clicks on a screen shot it should update the screen shot display with the graphic and highlight the bullet that is describing it in the description section.

I personally think we need this page to be very sexy so when some one comes to the site using windows or mac they really get the WOW Effect.

Vitaly Babiy (Vbabiy) Layout in color


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