How to run an event

Canonical is in the process of migrating its internal UDS and Event documentation to the Ubuntu Wiki to work more transparently with the Ubuntu Community and to give other companies and organizations ideas for their events.

Please don't modify this documentation unless you are directly involved with coordinating or organizing UDS. If you have suggestions or wishlist items for UDS please add them to the Suggestions page.

UDS-Q event documentation

UDQ-Q organizer documentation

Some of this documentation may be flagged private for organizers only.

Scouting checklist

The following questions should be raised with the hotel's events and technical staff either during planning calls or during the site inspection.

General location

Guest rooms

Breakout rooms

Each breakout room layout will have different needs. During the site inspection take notes of the following in each room or type of room:


Phones and Videoconferencing



Prep checklist

Send out a call for volunteers

Create venue map

Label all the things

Configure all the things


Setup checklist

Unpack all the things


Firewall setup

Datacentre setup

Display PC setup

Projector setup

Casio XJ-A250

Schedule PC setup

Phones setup

Video streaming setup

IRC setup

Network setup

Wi-Fi setup

We've never used a venue that could handle our Wi-Fi requirements so we always deploy our own fleet of Cisco Aironet AIR-AP1131AG and Cisco Aironet AIR-AP1142N in standalone mode. We use a standard manually-mapped Channel 1/6/11 spread on 2.4 GHz and DFS on 5 GHz. If the hotel doesn't have PoE then we deploy our own PoE switches in the hotel's MDF and IDFs.

WAPs must be hung temporarily so we use 3M Command 17068 Medium Wire Hooks with 3M Command 17021P Medium Mounting Refill Strips to mount WAPs on solid painted or wallpapered walls. On fabric airwalls we use generic t-pins.

It takes at least 10 minutes and preferably 30 minutes for Command Hooks to fully bond to walls. Do not immediately hang WAPs or the Command Hook will become unstuck and fall. It also takes 3-5 minutes for a WAP to fully come online after being plugged-in. Because of this it's best to do multiple sweeps of an area.

Sweep #1

Sweep #2

Sweep #3

Power setup

Plenary setup

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