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May 30, 2007

I heard from Canonical today that they will pony up the cash for a booth in the exhibition hall. I think this will be a great opportunity to spread the word about ubuntu. We plan to have a working thin-client set up at the booth (2-3 terminals and the server) to show everyone the basic idea. Canonical is also sending/has sent a conference kit with goodies to give away. If anyone has any other ideas for the booth please share them. Also, sign up below if you will be spending any time at the conference and can help with the booth.

May 20, 2007

Ubucon Boulder will take place on Saturday, June 2. Among other things, part of the time will be devoted to discussing, planning and/or developing content for TIE. Visit the wiki page to learn more and sign up.

May 18, 2007

The second planning meeting was held today. A brief summary of outcomes is listed below.

May 15, 2007

Attention: The next planning meeting is scheduled for May 18 (Friday) at 6:00pm at the Saxby's in Loveland (west of I-25 on 34 in the Chili's shopping center). See below for more info.

General notes

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Jim Hutchinson, a media specialist at Windsor High School in Colorado, signed up to give a 3-hour presentation on "Open Source Solutions for Classroom Instruction" at Colorado's Technology In Education (TIE) Conference in June 2007. We will also have an Ubuntu booth at the conference. This page is for organizing the presentation, demos and booth.

See more info about the conference itself on the TIE web site

Date and Time

Planning Meetings, Goals and Updates

Goals Developed at Planning Meeting on May 9

Outcomes from the Second Planning Meeting on May 18



Community (CoLoCo) Opportunities to Help

In order to give FOSS and Ubuntu as much publicity at the TIE conference as possible, we are in need of volunteers. There are several ways in which you can participate.


If you would like to lend a hand during the actual session on June 19, please add your name and contact info (launchpad page, email, etc) below including if you plan to stay for one or more days and whether or not you will be able to help man the booth that Canonical is sponsoring. The booth is open Wed-Thurs, June 20-21 from around 10-4 plus time to set up and tear down.


Another way to help is to select an application that has education merit and develop a lesson and/or tutorial for participants to use during the session (stay tuned for an example).

Begin by selecting a content area and application (those listed are only suggestions - feel free to add others) and assign yourself to it. Once you have a lesson developed, add a link to the lesson. Lessons are now being collected on the lessons wiki page. Help on writing learning goals and objectives can be found at

To choose topics it can be helpful to review the Colorado State standards (learning objectives) for your subject areas. These are categorized by grade level at

Pay close attention to the deadlines.

OPEN SOURCE APPS FOR EDUCATION: Technology in Education - CoLoCo/HP Project::


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