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[DIFF] 13:11 Info frank-heimes
[DIFF] 19:09 Info ken-vandine
[DIFF] 14:45 Info mdeslaur [1]
leosilvab [2]
[DIFF] 14:45 Info mdeslaur
[DIFF] 14:38 Info mdeslaur [1]
leosilvab [2]
[DIFF] 21:22 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 21:18 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 21:17 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 13:02 Info paulw2u Minor updates
[DIFF] 08:22 Info febcrash
[DIFF] 04:32 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 04:26 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 04:20 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 02:16 Info nhaines Created meeting page for 12 August 2018.
[DIFF] 02:14 Info nhaines Updated future meeting dates.
[DIFF] 02:14 Info nhaines Updated current meeting date.
[DIFF] 02:13 Info nhaines Added previous meeting date.
[DIFF] 02:13 Info nhaines Added meeting logs.
[DIFF] 01:57 Info bashing-om [1-7]
[DIFF] 17:29 Info rexbouwense [1-3]
[DIFF] 07:31 Info ginggs
[DIFF] 04:29 Info unit193
[DIFF] 03:45 Info unit193 Add xfconf transition, update sponsorship miner link.
[DIFF] 19:21 Info emilyr
[DIFF] 18:34 Info emilyr [1-2] #01 additional reference to Intel's mitigations document
[DIFF] 17:39 Info rexbouwense [1-15] #02 Upload of attachment 'rsz_clug_mtg_2018-0 7-11_3.jpg'.
#07 Upload of attachment 'rsz_clug_mtg_2018-0 7-11_4.jpg'.
#11 Attachment 'rsz_clug_mtg_2018-0 7-11_4.jpg' deleted.
#12 Upload of attachment 'rsz_clug_mtg_2018-0 7-11_4.jpg'.
#13 Attachment 'rsz_clug_mtg_2018-0 7-11_4.jpg' deleted.
#15 Upload of attachment 'rsz_clug_mtg_2018-0 7-11_4.jpg'.
[DIFF] 16:19 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 15:55 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 10:05 Info willcooke
[DIFF] 08:52 Info josepgallart [1-2]
[DIFF] 21:54 Info andreserl [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:46 Info tyhicks [1-2] #01 Fix bolding syntax
#02 Add disclaimer about disabling mitigations


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