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[DIFF] 22:32 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 22:29 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 22:28 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 21:21 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 20:58 Info jdstrand [1-2]
[DIFF] 20:46 Info alyerios
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[DIFF] 17:34 Info ddstreet [1-2]
[DIFF] 16:51 Info universalsuperbox [1]
cm-t [2]
#02 Added my Testimonials
[DIFF] 15:49 Info ddstreet
[DIFF] 06:24 Info buo-ren-lin Add ccache part by ๆž—ๅšไป(Buo-ren, Lin)
[DIFF] 04:33 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 04:28 Info tcole3737
[DIFF] 04:27 Info tcole3737
[DIFF] 01:28 Info bluesabre Add Xubuntu release notes
[DELETED] 11:22 Info viking.redwolf
[DIFF] 09:53 Info rikmills
[DELETED] 23:20 Info ddstreet [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:55 Info djll 20.04 code name
[DIFF] 08:16 Info alexhung
[DIFF] 20:51 Info cm-t
[DIFF] 19:55 Info corey.bryant
[DIFF] 19:42 Info corey.bryant [1-12]
[DIFF] 23:29 Info wildmanne39
[DIFF] 20:08 Info adconrad [1-2]
tsimonq2 [3-5]
#03 I can comment.
#04 Booting to the next meeting; something came up last minute and I can't attend.
#05 Be non-specific on the exact time I'm proposing; this is up for discussion because I'll present data for it. I'd personally like 7 but in general I'd just like it to be shortened.
[DIFF] 16:28 Info jdstrand remove artful, add cosmic for adobe-flashplugin
[DIFF] 13:27 Info jdstrand
[DIFF] 10:48 Info walter-garcia [1-4,6-8]
rafael-carreras [5]
[DIFF] 03:23 Info woodrow-shen
[DIFF] 18:08 Info rosco2 Try switching sponsorship URL to new one
[DIFF] 15:01 Info rafael-carreras
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