Gather and confirm ideas on additions and updates for the Server Guide during the Ubuntu 10.10 release cycle.

Release Note



A significant amount of problems with any computer system can be solved with good documentation. To that end having relevant and up to date documentation for the Ubuntu Server Edition is a worthwhile venture.

User stories


It is valuable to ship Ubuntu Server Edition with updated documentation on how to install and configure some services on Ubuntu Server.



Confirm or add to the proposed list of ideas gathered on the ServerTeam/IdeaPool page. Then document the confirmed subjects in DocBook format. Also, updating any relevant pages in the community wiki.

Also, fix any bugs in the documentation that are discovered or left over from previous releases.

Test/Demo Plan

Read through the Server Guide, and report bugs on any issues with the guide. Issues will include grammar errors, spelling errors, command errors, application/package names, path names, etc.

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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