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In short, Linux sports a variety of different Score Editors, Midi Sequencers, and Audio Editors, but the issue here is startup and integration. Music composition and scoring for the less technically adept musician should be a breeze.


While there exists the core software and technologies for Music creation on Linux, solutions are hacky, and often require a lot of dirty work to set up. The user should be able to sit down at a computer, and punch out the first measure of a song in no more than a few minutes.

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BoF agenda and discussion

Warbo: UbuntuStudio is aiming to do this very thing. I believe their approach is 1) get backend stuff sorted out for the whole of Ubuntu (kernel stuff, sound servers, etc.) 2) package up multimedia (audio and video) applications so they will work straight off when installed over Ubuntu's newly fixed backend (oo-er ). If you are interested in this spec then I would keep an eye on UbuntuStudio, maybe tell them about this page, and possibly even join them (I am not part of UbuntuStudio, I just like to trawl through the RecentChanges page and offer my comments where I can )


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