We should have current stable, and possibly RC in Maverick

Firefox 3.6 and Thunderbird 3.0 going to Hardy and Jaunty as old stable gets EOLed XULRunner as well


Work items

Chat w/CCheney about dictionaries

[2010-05-06 micahg] Possibility of having firefox/abrowser providing iceweasel -- reduces number of merges Fix multiple dictionaries issue: (09:57:25 PM) micahg: ccheney: should we have a session on dictionaries or can I roll it into the mozilla generic session or neither? (09:57:37 PM) ccheney: micahg: as i understand it rene is planning on dropping the backwards compat symlinks altogether soon in Debian (09:57:46 PM) ccheney: micahg: enchant still hasn't been ported to use the new dir on Ubuntu (09:57:52 PM) micahg: ccheney: ok, so we don't need anything specific? (09:58:15 PM) ccheney: micahg: probably not, we just need to make sure someone makes certain to get all the dictionaries updated in this cycle and prod Rene to drop the backwards compat asap (09:58:31 PM) ccheney: micahg: that way we don't have to maintain a delta to drop the compat bits (09:58:54 PM) micahg: ccheney: would it be ok if I add that to the mozilla generic work tasks? (09:59:09 PM) ccheney: micahg: sounds ok to me assuming no one else has objections (10:00:06 PM) ccheney: everything needs to be in hunspell as xx_YY (iirc) and nothing under myspell once backwards compat is dropped (10:00:37 PM) ccheney: i assume rene will probably update the policy to reflect that once he is ready to do it (10:00:58 PM) ccheney: dropping xx-YY should be doable at any time though afaik


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