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Discuss the inclusion of moodle, the course management system, in Edubuntu.


Moodle has emerged as the "best of breed" online course management system, with a strong global community. It is now established as a viable alternative to the biggest proprietary contenders - such as WebCT/Blackboard and BSCW - in the learning management system market. As such, it would be a very attractive addition to the 'education server' solution, especially if integrated with the forthcoming edubuntu-network-auth framework. This could be a boon for the success of Edubuntu Feisty, since Moodle is so popular.

We need to discuss the pros and cons for including this much requested web application.

Use cases

Kate is a kindergarden teacher. Her pupils have collectively been drawing the alphabet. Kate scans the drawings and publishes them on the schools internal moodle platform, in the "art pinboard" category.

Freddy is a teacher in primary education. For humanities, students will work in small groups for a collective class assignment. Freddy uses moodle's voting module, to quickly do the group allocation in class.

Anne teaches french in secondary education. She has divided the class into two teams and uses the quiz module during class. A lively quiz competion ensues.

Gerald teaches database programming in further education. He decided to publish his lecture notes as PDFs in moodle, to save costs for printing.

Susan works in corporate training for a telco. She has prepared a self-test for her learners in moodle, to make sure that unequal previous knowledge is evened-up.


Webbased course management




Moodle supports authentication against LDAP (school wide) and direct database lookup on the Shibboleth protocol (municipalities).


Moodle supports LDAP.

Content Interoperability


According to ogra, the moodle debian package needs to be re-packaged, because it won't be accepted as is - mainly for security considerations.

I am currently re-packaging Moodle for Debian using latest 1.9.8, you can see the progress in git:;a=shortlog - Tomasz Muras.


Data preservation and migration

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

It looks like there will be quite a decent group of education people at UDS (RichEd listed 9 people). Thus, it seems worth while to have this topic discussed at UDS.


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