Is the lpia architecture a necessary pain or is i386 good enough? How many lpia specific changes do we still carry? Can we provide a tool to upgrade existing lpia installs to i386 (or i386 to amd64 or arm to armel...)? What can we do with the lpia architecture right now?

Release Note

Probably not release notes worthy in the current state.


The lpia architecture is a maintenance burden for Ubuntu; we need to make sure it's useful enough or dropped: either by asserting that it is useful enough, or by changing it into something more useful. The lpia architecture also creates problems of its own (incompatibility with third party .debs).

Review of the lpia architecture

Changes which might warrant keeping lpia

Compiler flags considerations

On some the Moblin list, an Intel person suggested to use:

However the correct flags to use as explained by Rusty Lynch (Moblin) are:

[ citation needed! ]

Arch conversion tools



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