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This is a proposal for a window manager that will be used with the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded project.

Release Note

The Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded project will use the current window manager used by the Maemo Project: Matchbox. We will investigate the patches maemo applies to matchbox and bring those into Ubuntu, to the extent it makes sense.


Mobile devices have smaller screens and usually don't have mice, so the normal WIMP (windows, icons, menus, pointer) paradigm isn't a great fit. We therefore have to use a different window manager than usual.

Use Cases


We should assume that matchbox or similar will be used on this project.


Ubuntu mobile has some changes to how the whole screen looks. It has a "home screen" and many of the screen elements will be on the screen at all times, like a menu bar. Windows are not explicitly managed by the user, but all of them fill the screen and they exist in a stack. More details can be found at


UI Changes

There is no definitive concensus about what the UI should look like. The current ideas are found here:

Code Changes

The use of Maemo/Hildon will make the changes required to Matchbox minimum as they are already integrated. Currently the main issue is the supoort for features are being used by the UI but are not into the stock Gtk like tap-and-hold. This has being taken care of and there is already a preliminary package into Gutsy.


Test/Demo Plan

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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