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Investigate the use of Hildon Input Method and its associated bits and pieces for use in Ubuntu Mobile, along with how this will facilitate the input of characters using an onscreen keyboard.


Nokia have recently released Hildon Input Method as open source, used for the input of text and handwriting recognition on the N800 platform - we should investigate the framework and see if it is suitable for Ubuntu Mobile.

Use Cases

Gilbert is browsing a shopping website, and needs to fill in his details. As his MID does not have a hardware keyboard, he uses the onscreen keyboard to do so.

Takashi is developing a new kind of input device for MIDs. Utilizing the plug-in architecture of Hildon Input Method, he writes a plug-in that talks to his input device.


The current implementation of Ubuntu Mobile uses matchbox-keyboard as the current onscreen keyboard, and moblin-keyboard-manager to facilitate display and non display of the keyboard. Hildon Input Method provides an example plugin of a onscreen keyboard. This should be tested and evaluated to see if it is a suitable replacement.


Register projects in Launchpad for Hildon Input Method and have vcs-imports start to mirror their SVN repository.

Package up hildon-input-method and related packages, and start evaluating it, how it works, how to run it, and does it behave itself better than matchbox-keyboard.


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