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Moblin-chat is a chat application customized specially for use on Mobile Internet Device. It's based on which uses telepathy-mission-control and connection manager for each supported instant message protocol with help of telepathy spec.

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Moblin-chat can support any protocols created that work with Telepathy, including telepathy-haze (libpurple wrapper from pidgin/gaim project). This allows Moblin-chat to have extensibility along with protocol license separation. By default moblin-chat includes gTalk/Jabber, an open protocol that is widely used. Even with gTalk, due to limitation of telepathy spec which is under heavily development, no file transfer function is available yet, but is planned.

The current features of the application include:

  1. Account creation
  2. Connection with other gTalk clients running moblin-chat or via gmail or other.
  3. Multiple simultaneous connections with different people
  4. Support for other telepathy-enabled protocols such as MSN

The features planned for implementation include:

  1. File transfer
  2. VOIP on gTalk
  3. Integration with dbus based EDS.
  4. Better UI integration of other protocols and improved account creation.


Moblin-chat is based on Empathy application. While Empathy UI is designed for use on a full-screen PC with keyboard and mouse, Moblin-chat is designed to fit the use of MID with a small screen and touch only. It made a lot of changes including porting to Hildon application framework and many user experience improvements. There is still much to be done to simplify and enhance the user interface for use on a MID device.

Use Cases


Moblin-chat is built on Empathy. Most of work as far is of improvements on user interface and user experiences. Besides, there are also some bug fixes to upstream Empathy. The UI changes keep focus on how to give a great chat experience on small screen and touch-only Mobile Internet Device.


Moblin-chat made a lot of changes to improve user experience with it in MID, below are some.

Code Changes


BoF agenda and discussion


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