Processes and plans for milestone release preparation.


We tend to do a lot of things leading up to milestone releases, such as clear out pending promotions/demotions, check britney uninstallables and out-of-date output, clear out bits of queue/new, etc. This specification documents what needs to be done, how frequently, and when it should be done, in relation to the actual ISO-building and release process.

Use cases

Routine technical tasks

The following tasks need to be performed frequently by archive administrators, and should be reviewed at the start of milestone release preparation:

The following tasks need to be performed occasionally by the milestone release managers and anyone else interested in helping, and should be reviewed during milestone release preparation:

The following tests need to be performed occasionally and may be part of milestone release preparation, depending on the desired quality/cost trade-off for the milestone in question:

Where possible and sensible, we will produce automatic reports of at least some of the above which are mailed to the ubuntu-archive and ubuntu-release teams as appropriate (and perhaps others) daily.

overrides-consistency-check requests writing a script to check for out-of-sync components, sections, and priorities between architectures, since it is slightly too easy to produce such overrides by accident during routine archive maintenance.

The sync blacklist lists sources that cannot be synced from Debian for various reasons. In particular, this blacklist includes sources which have been modified in Ubuntu and whose binaries have been moved to other source packages, which is a situation that generally needs to be resolved by those responsible for those source packages in Ubuntu. This needs occasional gardening.

Milestone release processes

The following checklist should be followed by milestone release managers. (Those people should feel free to amend this if experience demonstrates that other tasks are necessary.)


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