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Further the development of migration-assistant to the point that it can be included in Feisty Fawn. Work prior to Feisty is covered in the /Edgy specification. Work for Feisty is covered in the /Feisty specification.

Release Note

The migration functionality in the installer now allows users to export their migrated data to a USB thumb drive or other external source to later be merged into their Ubuntu system using the accompanied desktop application.


The desktop application and ability to migrate data to a source other than the root filesystem are required for users who wish to migrate their data without keeping their old partitions around, and for those users who either did not have the ability to use migration-assistant in a previous release or chose not to, but wish to use it now.

Use Cases




A stand-alone desktop application will be added that will enable the user to import from external sources used during the install for exporting migration data to, such as a USB key; FTP, sftp, or WebDAV site; or, possibly in the event of two CD recorder devices, a CD. Exporting to and importing from a USB key will be developed first, allowing other, less commonly used sources to be added as time permits.

Support for importing from Windows Vista, Mac OS X, and Windows 2000 will be added.

Additional import sources will be added. These may include:


UI Changes

Import into: This computer | Change... |

Test/Demo Plan

Testing migration-assistant will be done by running make check before upload, and by ensuring that all items imported successfully upon reboot when installing with either the LiveCD or alternate CD.

The logging verbosity of migration-assistant will be increased for the course of the development cycle.

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion

Review the possibility of importing to other targets (FTP, WebDAV, USB key, sftp, CD-R, etc).
- Run before or after partman-apply.
Discuss the possibility of a desktop application.
- Do not encourage using for sync.
-  Add text to say "you do not have to do this now, you can do this later"
Plan KDE UI and KDE application support. update
Dealing with /home.
- multual exclusivity by validation.
try to get in debian
get into alternate cd
Checking if the data will fit in RAM, using a temporary directory.



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