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The current menu simplification is not ideal. We mask some items which confuses the users who want to use them. This specification is describes the changes we are going to do for gutsy

Release Note

The administration and preferences menus have been replaced by the control-center panel. All the standard applications are now listed in the corresponding menu.


The current way of masking menu items doesn't bring a lot of simplication and confuse users who want to use them

Use Cases


We will drop the patches to mask menu items and evaluate using the control-center shell to replace the administration and preferences menus.

Test/Demo Plan

Open the menus and verify you can find items to start all the applications installed you find useful for a standard desktop user

BoF agenda and discussion

Layers of visibility

have multiple "layers of visibility"

That would require to patch all the package shipping a .desktop which would mean lot of changes over upstream and Debian. A such change would be better done upstream

New items are not easily findable

Highlighting new menu items (after package installation):


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