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Official Ubuntu Membership means recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu or the Ubuntu community.

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Together we have the opportunity to bring real technological freedom to every part of the world, across multiple devices and the cloud, and clothed in an elegant, beautiful, experience. It is a bold vision, but our greatest strength in Ubuntu is our community and together we can do this. Come and join us and be a part of bringing Ubuntu to the masses.

Jono Bacon, Former Ubuntu Community Manager


We help to build Ubuntu, the most popular Free Operating System out there, we do packaging, translation, quality assurance, marketing, support, writing, design, art... We currently have more than 500 active members, from at least 100 countries. Join us!

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There are many different ways of contributing to Ubuntu. Contributions are valued and recognized whether you contribute to artwork, any of the LoCoTeams, documentation, providing support on the forums, the answers tracker, IRC support, bug triage, translation, development and packaging, marketing and advocacy, or anything else. The whole community needs each other and depends on each other. Whichever way you choose to bring benefit to Ubuntu and help others is very much appreciated.

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Contributions in all areas are welcome

Ubuntu also benefits from contributions to upstream projects and Debian specifically. However, while contributions to those projects are appreciated and worth being recognized, involvement in downstream Ubuntu is required for membership. After all it’s all about Ubuntu membership.

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The idea that only technical contributions (like patches or uploads of packages) or only contributions which give rise to karma in Launchpad is incorrect. The community is much broader and more diverse than that and it is sufficient to demonstrate significant and sustained contributions in any area of the Ubuntu community. It is important that members demonstrate the ability to interact with others, so detailed endorsements from others are important criteria that are evaluated during your application, because they give better insight into specific parts of the community. Testimonials from members of various parts of the community are appreciated, even if they're not Ubuntu members themselves. Contributions are evaluated on their own merit and how they benefit Ubuntu and the Community, regardless of whether the contributor was paid to make the contribution or not.


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The work done in other Open Source communities is vitally important to Ubuntu. If you are part of one of Ubuntu's Upstreams we appreciate your work. If your collaboration with the Ubuntu project and involvement in the Ubuntu project constitutes as a significant and sustained contribution, you are eligible to Ubuntu membership.

Some examples in what constitute valuable contributions for getting the Ubuntu membership follow:

When applying for Ubuntu membership, please make the relevance of your work to the Ubuntu project very clear.

The Benefits

While the benefits of Membership can apply to the the individual, it also applies the whole Ubuntu Community. It also can reach out into the greater Open Source community. These benefits include:

For the Individuals

For the Communities (Ubuntu and Open Source)

The Perks

Ubuntu Community

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3rd Party

If you have a question, you've found an error|improvement on this page or wish to give private testimonials email ubuntu-membership-boards@lists.ubuntu.com (your message may initially be held for moderation).

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