The Ubuntu community should be able to easily learn about what each team and committee are doing. A form of public disclosure of discussion and activity should be made. Each team and committee should have their meetings documented and available on

Currently there is MeetingLogs that is documenting meetings held on freenode's #ubuntu-meeting channel. Most meetings are taken from Fabbione's IRC log site due to the fact that meeting times fail to coincide with the current maintainer of Meetinglogs. Some meetings are not being held in #ubuntu-meeting, which make it more difficult to maintain.

Meeting Logs are just the IRC traffic during the meeting. The conversations can be difficult to follow when replies come out-of-sync and contain back-traffic of non-pertitent communication.



This seems a little involved, but I feel it uses resources the best. This method is extendable to all distros on Launchpad as well, which make the feature more useful.

Anyone interested in helping or commenting contact AusImage.


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