This is the specification of the kernel of the Ubuntu Media Center (MC). See UbuntuMediaCenter.


Ubuntu MC kernel has to manage essential features of the software. These features are listed below :

Use cases



Screens of the user interface are described in XML files. The DTD for XML screen files will be available soon. A screen designer software will be developped in order to build extension modules very easibly and quickly. The display engine is made of a kernel and extensions plugins. A set of basic extensions plugins will be available with the first release and usable in the screen designer. There is several categories of extensions plugins : viewers, listers, ... A complete list will be defined later. The originality of the display engine is that it is very easy to extend its capacity building few files. For example, the TV module will define in the screen designer a "widget" on the screen where the TV image must be drawn. This widget is associated with a "Viewer" plugin: this plugin will display the TV in the widget area.


Activity diagrams


Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

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