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This specification describes the Ubuntu Media Center Software (aka UMC).

This effort, which is supported by the Ubuntu Media Center Team, will try to bring the Ubuntu paradigm (easy to install / use / update, beautiful artwork, feature rich and complete, ...) to this area.

It will only address the software part, that is to say an Ubuntu'ished software installable on any Ubuntu based system. Another Spec will address the creation of a distribution, like GeexBox, but based upon Ubuntu for the system and the present specification for the software.

This specification also supersed the UMC previous attempt done by Sébastien Gripon. This one is still kept for the comments.


One of the crucial stakes of future computing is its ability to bring the convergence for all media available, in a simple yet powerful way for home users.

Ubuntu currently lacks a Media Center in its "offering". Such a software allows to easily use a multimedia PC, generally remote controlled, to display various content, while being sat on a sofa.

The features are:

All of this possibly completed by a "Powered by Ubuntu" remote control, or even a complete UMC preloaded box.

This is an essential step for Ubuntu to be present in every house.

Use cases



UMC will be based upon the Elisa media center software.

Though it is not yet complete, it is quickly evolving and very promising. Moreover, it best fits our needs, as show in the State of the Art document, and the UMC and Elisa teams are now working closely.

The development will follow these steps:


The implementation milestones are under definition...

Milestone 1 (possible target: Feisty+1)

Milestone 2 (possible target: ?)


Data preservation and migration

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion



State Of Art

Ubuntu Media Center distribution

Ubuntu Media Center software


Media Center UI Specs

Ubuntu Media Center Players modules Specs

Ubuntu Media Center Controller modules Specs


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