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Ubuntu Media Center should provide a huge codec support in order to be able to play most (all!) of the existing media formats.


Ubuntu Feisty will come with a package called ubuntu-restricted-extras which installs main non-free codecs (multiverse repository). This package should be included by default in Ubuntu Media Center.


The following table shows the audio and video codecs that are expected to be supported by the UMC.

It is based upon the assumption that the UMC will rely upon the Elisa software, so will be using the gstreamer framework.

1 : Gstreamer MonkeyAudio plugin has never been ported to 0.10 . MAC isn't even packaged in Ubuntu/MediBuntu due to licencing problems : see

2 : RealAudio codecs are a mess with at least 9 variants : (dnet, atrc, raac and racp are the only 'standard' ones)

3 : Dirac plugin is still in the works but is available in Ubuntu repositories.


Here is the list of packages providing codecs:

4 : available in Ubuntu repositories. Others could be bought from Fluendo site or builded from their source repository.

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