This spec details the steps we will take in Maverick to improve support for popular distributed/cloud based storage technologies such as CouchDB, MongoDB, and Cassandra.

Release Note

Maverick includes CouchDB, a distributed data store, in main, and a number of other cloud friendly data storage packages in Universe/Multiverse, including MongoDB, Cassandra, and Drizzle


In order to make Ubuntu Server the platform of choice on cloud environments, we need to support the workloads that users typically need on such environments. This include cloud-oriented databases or datastores.

User stories

As a web developer building modern, distributed, highly scalable applications, I want to deploy applications using distributed data storage with a minimum of customization.

As a web developer, I want to be able to try out popular cloud/distributed data storage solutions and remove them cleanly if they do not fit my needs.

As an ops engineer supporting distributed applications in and out of the cloud, I want to deploy critical infrastructure pieces such as data storage from known distributions without having to create custom builds of complicated software.




With desktop couch already in main, CouchDB is a logical choice for promotion from universe to main.


MongoDB is already packaged in Debian. Ensure that merge/sync with debian has the most up to date version possible for Maverick.


Cassandra is a very popular, fast moving database engine that needs to be made available to users of Ubuntu. It is not quite ready for Universe inclusion, as its dependencies are in flux, and releases are deprecated at a very rapid rate.

The Cassandra project puts out binary packages that are not hard to modify to build under a PPA on Launchpad. These packages with the required changes to build will be uploaded there.


Upstream Invitation for Involvement

We will encourage the Cassandra Development team to contribute here and upload their packages directly the RPA above as well, to help users stay up to date as Cassandra releases are made. Membership in the restricted cassandra-ubuntu team on Launchpad will allow committing and uploading, so upstreams will be free to update the packages if they are granted membership.

Server Team Endorsement

We will endorse the PPA's on our blog and mailing list.

RPA's List

Once a list of "recommended package archives" is available Cassandra's will be listed in it. It should materialize at ServerTeam/RPA.


See blueprint whiteboard server-maverick-cloud-datastores

Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues


UDS session agenda and discussion

Discussion notes:

Top candidates:




Other Databases

The following would be interesting to revisit for later cycles:


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