SpreadUbuntu is in the process of drafting both content and design. The request for designs is hereby filed to the wide community, and several members have already contributed. If you wish to create a design too, it is very, very welcome. Please have a look at the designs below, and keep in mind that:


We are collecting designs from the wide public, and in the end we will have a volunteer create a final design based on discussion of the best proposals. If the author of the proposal that is coined the most appropriate were willing, he/she would be the best person for the job.


All are available in bzr at , source files included.

First, we have two from NickMcMahon:

IJO, SU should be a little more graphical than the above, and I don't think the frames and links are all that necessary. I'd like something very clean and simple. And I love brown gradients -- JendaVancura

Another from JustinHayes:

And here's one from Ubuntu-geek:

And one from Kassetra:

Two from JoeBrouhard:

One series from Alecks:

Here's a very original one from NestorDiaz:

And I made one quick one too, mainly to show what I had in mind:

You see, there's a reason I asked others to work on it ツ. I did it in inkscape and have the svg. The original image is the work of tristian ( I suppose the bar at the top wouldn't hurt that much, although I was opposed to it before and still hesitant. -- JendaVancura


All the work including sources can now be acquired with: bzr get We have decided that we want to use the idea of Nestor Diaz's suggestion, polish it, and use Kassetra's very fine icons.

Update to Implementation work

DanBuch (me) is working on a CMS-driven version of the site using Skeletonz - this will be bzr'd once it resembles something other than the base Skeletonz site

Please let him know if you're a Python coder or if you've got some skills in CSS-based design --> daniel [dot] buch [at] gmail [dot] com

Data preservation and migration

We have recovered what was available from old designs, but as far as graphics go, most is unusable for our purposes.


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