Since Dapper Beta 1, the Server CD has had a useful LAMP Server option. Include both a Mail Server option, and a DNS option.


It is now truly useful to have a LAMP server that has all the components to build such a server: Apache, PHP and MySQL.

The same is true for the Mail Server, which would include Postfix+SpamAssassin+Clamav+Amavisd-new, and the DNS Server that would include BIND configured as a cache-only server.

Use Cases

* Juan wants to install a mail server. He installs the Dapper+1 Ubuntu Server CD and chooses the Mail Server option, which automatically installs Postfix, Dovecot, Spamassassin, Clam Antivirus and Amavisd-new witch appropiate configuration files for using them right away.

* LucĂ­a wants to install a DNS server. She installs the Dapper+1 Ubuntu Server CD and chooses the DNS option, which installs Bind 9. It starts as a cache-only server but the initial configuration makes possible to generate templates for a domain.


* Spamassasin, Clam Antivirus and Amavisd-new must be included in main.

* Take the Dapper Server CD as a base and prepare it for remasterization.

* Include options on the start screen for Mail Server and DNS Server.

* If the Mail Server is chosen, modify the relevant configuration files so a reasonable configuration is installed so it uses Spamassassin and Clam Antivirus once it is installed.

* If the DNS Server is chosen, at teh very least a cache-only configuration would be installed, but perhaps an option to initiate a domain configuration could be included.


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