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Maemo development on Ubuntu is a suboptimal experience currently, as external packages need to be downloaded, and the Maemo SDK needs to be manually installed.

The purpose of this specification is to allow Scratchbox to be part of the 'universe', and maintained in a way that makes it easy for developers both from the open source community, and from Nokia, are able to use Ubuntu for Maemo development in a painless way.


Use cases





Data preservation and migration

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

Discussion Part

MikhailSobolev: it might be unreasonable to work on Scratchbox The current situation (as of November 2006) is that SB is the closest to the internal development environment. However both Maemo team and internal SDK team are working on moving toward Scratchbox Apophis, which is being evaluated by internal SDK team at this very moment, based on the evaluation some fixes might be done to SB Apophis r4 (resulting in at least r5). Then it should be possible to do Maemo development using the latest version of SB.