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Merge lupin project capabilities within the official initrd and the LiveCD initrd/installer.

Release Note

Lupin is a project that allows to install and boot Ubuntu (or any Debian based distro) from within a loopmounted file. The main advantage is that the installation can be performed without having to burn a CD-Rom, and without having to modify existing partitions. This implies that Ubuntu can be installed/uninstalled as an ordinary program.


See InstallerForWindows


At the moment the Lupin initrd incorporates functionalities to accomplish both installation and normal booting duties, such functionality will need to be split into standard initrd patches and LiveCD patches.

Normal Booting

The following is an unordered list of lupin initrd tasks and how they should be moved upstream:


Need to be able to boot either from HD and (then use ISO or CD-Rom) or from CD-Rom. A user might boot from HD without using any CD at all (hd-media style). But we also assume that the user may reboot with the CD-Rom inserted, and that might happen also when using the windows-installer to perform a loopmount installation. As we know, that does not necessarily imply that the CD-Rom is actually booted. Moreover we assume that a user might want to use the windows installer to overcome BIOS problems and launch the LiveCD as opposed to perform a loopmount installation. Therefore the installation process should be the same whether the initrd is loaded from hard disk (HD booting) or whether the Live CD is booted. The same initrd is therefore used in both cases. This also means that we should rely on heuristics and not on kernel parameters.

Development Process

Test/Demo Plan

Outstanding Issues


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