With Lucid ending up being 10.04 LTS, we need to take special care to clean up Java libraries before committing to support them for 5 years on Ubuntu Server. This spec lists specific actions that should be taken during the Lucid cycle, including some targets of opportunity.

Release Note

Several improvements have been applied to the 10.04 Java library stack in order to increase its maintainability.


In order to reach the objectives of introducing Eucalyptus in main in Jaunty and Karmic, several shortcuts were used. With Lucid being LTS, we need to clean up some of the shortcuts used in the past in order to ease the maintenance of the Lucid Java library stack for the next 5 years. Detailed rationale for each fix is mentioned in the Design chapter.

User stories

As an Ubuntu developer, I want to be able to easily maintain the Java library stack for 5 years on servers. I use the 10.04 library stack, which is more coherent and reduces unnecessary code duplication, and it makes my life better.




Identified issues

Other improvements (targets of opportunity)



See blueprint whiteboard for specific work items.

Test/Demo Plan

Test cases:

Unresolved issues


BoF agenda and discussion

UDS discussion notes

Lots of Java libraries were added to main following introduction of Eucalyptus in karmic. Since lucid is LTS, we need to review what can be done to clean up before committing to support those for 5 years.

TODO for Lucid

Targets of opportunity



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