The upstream LTSP project is currently maintaining a large number of source packages and a complete build environment that are needed to build the "official" LTSP binary packages. This list of packages includes glibc, kernel, init,, bash and much more. The MueKow specification outlines a new method of creating the LTSP binaries that are executed by the thin client. Ubuntu's implementation of LTSP is based on the MueKow specification.

The existence of 2 different versions of LTSP has created some confusion within the LTSP community and without a clear statement of the direction of LTSP, it could be perceived as a lack of leadership within the project.

Unfortunately, the Ubuntu implementation of LTSP isn't quite "feature complete" compared with upstream LTSP, version 4.2. In order for the LTSP developers to shift over to the Ubuntu implementation as the standard reference implementation, several issues need to be addressed.


There are a number of issues that need to be addressed, before we can abandon the current upstream LTSP method and Before Ubuntu's LTSP can be a 1:1 replacement, a few problems remain to be solved. Both LTSP and Ubuntu should be able to work towards solving these in the next few months, with a target of edgy of being a "beta" for a replacement of the current LBE (LTSP Build Environment).

Outstanding issues


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