LoCo Directory support for remote participation and online events.

Release Note


There is a desire to add "virtual events" to the abilities of the LoCo Team Directory. This will allow users to create an event that happens in an IRC chat room instead of a physical venue.

There has also been a need, specifically for Global Jam, to allow remote participation in combination with a physical event.

User stories

  1. Mike and Chris are meeting to hack on Summit as part of the Ubuntu Global Jam. Dan and Nigel want to participate too, but they can't attend the event in person. They should be able to find all the information they need on loco-directory for remote involvement with the event, and to be able to mark their "remote" attendence.
  2. Alice wishes to hold an event where team members are doing a few tasks over a length of time. There is no reason that Bob nor Thiston must be with Alice in person, so they choose to maintain communication over IRC. Since Thiston and Bob are the only ones who plan to be at this event, there is no physical location associated with the event (as is the case with story A).


Virtual events and remote participation will only happen over IRC.


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