The Venue list is going to quickly grow to the point where finding your desired option from a random list is going to be difficult. There needs to be a way to present the user with a friendlier list, so that their desired option can be more easily found.

Release Note

TBD, but likely the order and visibility of venues in the list will be changed.


Venues selection isn't user friendly, and will only get worse as the number of venues grows

User stories

Alice is registering an event at a venue she has used before, but the list is long and unordered, so she must scroll through them looking for what she wants.

Bob is registering an event for a venue he hasn't used before, he should be able to create the venue listing from the event creation screen.

Carol is registering an event and needs to find a venue in her area, but the list is long and unordered, so she must scroll through them looking for events in her area.

Dan is registering an event for outside of his area, he would like to find a venue from another LoCo's area, but he isn't familiar with local cities, so he doesn't know which venues are close to that other LoCo.

Erin is registering a new Venue without realizing it's already in the list, she should be shown a list of possibly related venues before her new one is created.


  1. The user will most likely be using an event in their area
  2. The user will most likely be re-using a venue (especially as the list builds)
  3. The user will sometimes want to search for a venue in a given area






UI Changes


Code Changes



TBD, may require changes to table structure using django-south

Test/Demo Plan


Unresolved issues


BoF agenda and discussion



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