The Ubuntu live CD should allow the user to save the filesystem state to writable media, and later load it in order to continue working with the same configuration. This will be much faster and easier than creating and modifying custom live CDs.

The live CD initialization process should scan attached devices to find saved sessions, and offer the user a choice of one of the saved sessions, or a fresh default session.

A desktop UI should be provided to allow the user to save their session with a meaningful name.

The saved data format should, if possible, accomodate both unionfs and device-mapper configurations.


The current state of persistency support makes using persistent devices unnecessarily hard. It's hard to prepare a device for being a persistent device and it's not possible to "snapshot" an existing session to a device. To resume a session, the user must remember to pass persistent on the kernel command line.

All in all, persistency is much more of a toolbox than a finished tool the user can use. This needs to be fixed if persistency is to be deployed more widely.

Use cases


Affects casper and a new tool called wendy.



Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues


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