Lintian comes with a "harness", a script that runs lintian on all (new) packages in an archive. It is not included in the lintian package, and needs to be run from the source tree. Its output is highly Debian branded, and assumes all interesting packages are in one archive ("main" for Debian). Additionally, the harness currently requires filesystem access to a Debian mirror.

This spec proposes that the harness be fixed so that it works as a standalone tool, its output can be easily branded to the distribution that uses it, and so that HTTP access to a mirror is sufficient.

Release Note

This spec has no direct end-user impact.


It is currently a bit tricky to run the lintian harness. It would benefit both Debian and Ubuntu to make this easier.

Use Cases



The harness should do the following:

The output files should be based on templates that can easily be customized/branded for each distribution.


To be decided.

Test/Demo Plan

We will take a snapshot of the Ubuntu archive and run the old and new versions of the harness on it. Any differences in results will be investigated and bugs fixed.


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