The installed desktop and the online help would both be improved by linking them together more tightly.


People need help, and if the installed help does not completely fill their needs, smoothly transitioning to the online help resources makes the process of getting more help completely painless, even for new users unfamiliar with all the help resources.

Linking the online and installed help would make sure that the information is kept up to date in both places when it changes. It would also reduce duplication of effort and provide more polished and translated information for online users.

The manpower thus freed can in turn apply to improving the now singular help system, and making sure it's structure is helpful, accessable, and links to all other resources.

Use cases


There are several steps here:


People should not have to decide between two or more places to look for help when they have no way of knowing which of them, if any, will contain the answer they want. Therefore each help resource should provide access to the resource that's next most likely to be useful:

The exception to this is when people much prefer a different mode of interaction; for example they don't like reading off a computer screen and want to talk to someone on the phone instead.



Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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