Lessons Plans for Teachers Using Free and Open Source Software

This site is dedicated to collecting and cataloging lesson plans for classroom teachers interested in moving beyond mere document production and really tapping in to the promise of technology integration and education.



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Software Applications and Lessons Organized by Content

Below is a growing collection of lessons designed to help teachers integrate technology into instruction in a way that moves technology away from mere document production to true extension and exploration. Most lessons are inquiry oriented. It is expected that teachers will modify lessons to suit their own teaching style and student needs. When included, handouts are included in both Open Office and MS Office formats so that they can be easily edited.





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Here are some other ideas for lessons. Please pick one that appeals to you, write it up and insert it in the table above.



Other ideas: *dia = diagrams *xsane = scanner utility *scribus = publisher program *kino = edit video *kstars = desktop planetarium *atomix = chemistry game *kturtle = logo programming *kmplot = graphing *kpercentage = calculate percentages *kbrush = fractions *tuxmath = arithmetic game *kverbos = spanish tutoring *khangman = word game *keduca = education testing (create your own tests) *ktouch = typing program *tuxtyping = typing program *gcompris= over 80 educational games


We are also collecting presentations. If you have done a presentation on teaching with FOSS or anything related, consider uploading it for others to view and "borrow" for their own presentations. Creative Commons Licensing still applies.


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