Integrate a tool that will enable the central management of thin-client infrastructure, suitable for large scale deployment, managed by a team of administrators.


There is a tool that is planned for the management of LTSP server and thin-clients, called LTSP Manager. The scope of this tool is presently limited to the management of one server and a lab of thin-client. This kind of tool must be designed to support also large scale deployment of thin-clients infrastructure.

Use cases



Here are some design that are possible.

The first design discussed is based on a web interface and SQL database. The unique identifier of a thin-client is it's MAC address. The schema of the SQL database is designed to support efficiently a hierarchy of groups.

The second design implies the use of LDAP as a data backend. This way, tools to manage LDAP can be used to manage thin-client as well. The server needs to support a specialized schema for this purpose.

The third design can consist to add a database backend to LTSP Manager, to choose to use a central database or simple lts.conf file. The GUI may be attractive compared to a web interface. XML-RPC like protocol can be implemented to support centralized management. A failsafe mode is needed for Xorg configuration.

The fourth design may use landscape as a framework to manage LTSP servers and thin-clients. It may not be possible to use this tool because of licensing issues.


Before the implementation plan, we must agree on a design.

To integrate the mille-xterm configurator, then we need to :

This implementation will impact the ltsp-client and ltsp-server package.

Outstanding Issues


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