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Port System Settings to KDE 4


Keep System Settings available in Kubuntu as we move to KDE 4. Move it upstream to give us easier maintenance.

Use Cases

Boab the early KDE 4 adopter notices KControl is completely broken, but finds the System Settings port and uses that instead.


Code porting, functionality should remain the same.


Get rid of automake files and replace with CMake build system (as used by all of KDE 4).

Use qt3to4 script to port Qt widgets to Qt 4. qiconview should become q3iconview.

The KControl loading should use the KCM classes as previously where they still exist. KCModule and KCModuleInfo remains, KCMModuleProxy is now ProxyView.

Loading modules needs to change from reading an XDG menu file. Upstream has not yet decided on the correct approach for this but the simplest way would be just to list the first and second level heirarchy in the .desktop file as Level1=General, Level2=Look.

Once ported we should propose to upstream that System Settings be used in KDE 4 to replace KControl. The timeline for this is early May, but since KControl is entirely broken it can probably go in later.


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