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Improve removing media dialogue in Kubuntu.


The long standing lack of UI when unmounting USB disks in Kubuntu was fixed by a patch in the last week of Feisty development, there are a few improvements still to be made.

Use Cases

Flora wants to remove her USB disk, a dialogue pops up to tell her to wait for the data to sync and goes away when the sync is complete.


User interface.

Design and Implementation

The patch to kdebase is not perfect as there is a delay in showing the dialogue box. We will remove the patch and make a wrapper to kio_media_mounthelper that provides the progressbar only. With this wrapper we get the progress dialogue instantly.

There is no reliable way to know how far through the sync process Linux is. Change the progress bar in the user interface from a 10 step progress to a bounce back-and-forth progress bar.

Change the string from "Unmounting" to "Synchronising data to disk, please wait..."


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