What we will package in Kubuntu 10.10.

Release Note

Kubuntu 10.10 includes KDE SC 4.5 and Qt 4.7.


KDE rocks. We should include the latest and greatest.

User stories

Archie likes KDE and is pleased that 10.10 comes with the latest KDE Plasma Desktop and applications.


That KDE and Qt keep to their schedule.



Qt 4.7 is currently in beta and can be packaged straight away, final release is expected in mid-June.

QtWebKit will be part of the final release but an updated individual tar will be available sometime in August. QtWebKit will still require Phonon. We will package Phonon separately from Qt and live without Phonon integration in QtWebKit temporarily until the separate QtWebKit 2.1 release is made. We will need to make sure the header files installed by Phonon match correctly those currently installed. python-kde will now be responsible for Phonon bindings instead of python-qt.

Qt Quick will have a library called QtDeclarative and we will package this as libqt4-declarative. It also includes a qml binary which upstream discourage for use other than during development so we will include this in qt4-dev-tools.

We will update Qt Creator to the 2.0 version.

Qt Jambi can be removed from the archive. The changes to our Qt packaging made to enable Qt Jambi to build can be removed.

Qt Mobility 1.0 is out and ready for packaging. Much of it won't have useful backends on a Linux desktop but it should be available for developers to compile against.


We will ship with Pulseaudio. Phonon and other parts of KDE have had work done to improve Pulseaudio support and the ALSA/Pulseaudio stack has improved to the state where it should be reliable for use. Pulseaudio brings us some advantages such as better USB headset support and it means we share the same audio bugs as Ubuntu Desktop rather than finding ourselves with unrelated bugs which nobody outside Kubuntu will care about.

We will ask for testing in early alphas and monitor feedback for problems.

We will ensure Phonon, kmix and any other necessary parts of KDE are compiled with Pulseaudio support and check with the KDE Pulseaudio developer if there are any other tools we should be including.


We will package the VLC backend for Phonon and investigate what changes would be needed to get it into main. We probably will not switch to it in Maverick but will take advise from upstream Phonon, VLC and Amarok developers on a final decision.


We will package KDE SC 4.5 for Maverick.

We will merge with Debian first with 4.4 packages before moving to 4.5.

We will use source format 3.0. Since Debian is frozen for squeeze there will not be any more merging with them and staying with format 1.0 gives us no advantage.

meta-kde will be merged with Debian but "kdebase" should be dropped, it's a transitional package and just adds confusion.

conflicts and replaces to versions older than lucid can be dropped. We will ensure to anticipate point releases when versioning conflicts/replaces for Maverick (e.g. << 4.4.70). Transitional packages for KDE 4 versions can be dropped.

Plasma Mobile and Mediacentre should be packaged if upstream agree they are ready. We will need to investiage mechanisms for chosing which plasma workspace gets started for the user and ensure they work across all the Plasma workspaces.

KDevelop 4 will enter the archive. KOffice can be put back into main with version 2.2, this will require several main inclusion reviews. Kaffeine may be ready for a KDE 4 version if upstream manages their announced August 1st release date. KDE/Qt package updates from upstreams will need to be watched closer this cycle as Debian will be in freeze and we can not expect to sync new versions automatically.

Google Gadget support for Plasma can be packaged separately and in universe.

New dependencies we are aware of include Grantlee and Gluon which will need MIRs. GPSd may be ready for main in Maverick.


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