Logging into a kde session takes a long time. From the point the user hits the enter key on the login screen, to when they can use their desktop varies in length (due to how and when services are started).

Release Note

The end user impact would be a faster login experience. From when the user hits the power on key to when they can use their desktop will be faster.


The goal of a user powering on their computer or logging in is to USE their computer. Every second they are not doing that is the computer doing something they don't want.

User stories

Tom boots his computer and is presented with the login screen. He enters his credentials and hits the enter key to login. Instead of being presented with his desktop, he is looking at random icons fading in (sometimes glitchy) in an attempt to notify him that his desktop is loading.


Minor tweaks will be enough to get some user visible speed improvements. I.E. major infrastructure does not have to be changed, that is outside the scope of this spec.


The first part will examine the possibility of getting rid of ksplash entirely and extending kdm greet to show a simple spinner while the main desktop is loading. The second part will look at the various services that are started to make sure they are not taking too much time in their synchronous construction but instead deferring work asynchronous to desktop startup. The final part will be to create a bootchart of the loading and work with upstream to examine any pressure points.

UI Changes

No more ksplash No more login and logout sound.

Code Changes

/usr/bin/startkde will be modified to not launch ksplash kdm_greet will be modified to not disappear until the desktop is loaded.


User workflow impact is meant to be minimal and hopefully the login experience will be improved.

Test/Demo Plan

Make sure that removing ksplash does not prevent some needed system components from running.

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

drop logout sound

faster without ksplash?
faster with ksplash simple?

gets blocked even after ksplash disappears until the sound is called

New ksplash theme:
 - Start out with simple splash code
 - Give it the pretty Plymouth theme background
 - Pretty up the progress bar a bit

investigate kdmgreet. idea: keep kdmgreet showing until plasma is ready, no need for separate splash

network manager kded module adds a lot to the delay on roman's machine, should be fixed if we're changing to NM plasmoid


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