Kubuntu will have available to install different Kiosk user profiles that include altered look and feel for the desktop and also restricted functionality in system and applications.


For institutional deployment (e.g. schools, universities, companies, government offices) having lock down facilities is critical. KDE has excellent and extensive support for this which should be leveraged by providing a set of pre-defined profiles that can either be used out of the box ("Just Works") or used as a starting point for customisations. This would add great value to Kubuntu in these scenarios as it is often one of the primary requirements.

Use cases


Move the kiosktool package to main and add to the supported seed. Include sample profiles with it.


The profiles will be created to match user profiles as discussed in KubuntuUserProfiling and common Kiosk usecases. Profiles we will target include:

The profiles will be set up and applied using the Kiosk tool. The resulting files will be packaged in the kiosktool package under /usr/share the same as kubuntu-default-settings files currently are.

The guest profile should be used when creating guest users via the system settings instead of using the Kiosk frontend.


Four initial Kiosk profiles will be created:


Please also consider a central "KDE profile server". See:


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