Packaging changes for KDE in Jaunty

Release Note

Jaunty includes KDE 4.2. In our move towards KDE 4, Quassel is our new default IRC client.


We will package KDE 4.2 for Jaunty. Point version updates (4.2.4) will go into -proposed then -updates. Beta versions should go into kubuntu-updates-testing for intrepid backports and into kubuntu-members-kde4 and intrepid-backports for final.

Akonadi will need to be well tested for functionality and upgrades. We will put out a call for testing to ensure it covers the main e-mail, calendar and address book use cases asking for feedback on a wiki page. We will work with the server team to work around mysql-server packaging setting up a root password and running server by default by splitting out mysqld into a separate package.

kdesudo needs to be kept in Jaunty, kdesu still does not remember the users password. Its use should get less in future as we move towards policykit.

If Qt 4.5 is out for Jaunty and its Webkit supports flash we should change Konqueror to use kdewebkit by default.

Celeste and Lydia will ask for trouble areas in the KDE 3 to 4 upgrade process and collect feedback on a wiki page. Problem areas can be worked on with kconfig upgrade scripts.

We expect all our default applications to be upgraded to KDE 4 versions for Jaunty. The only exception is Konversation which for consistency and space will be dropped. Celeste is working with the Quassel developers to ensure its usability it up to par, we have evaluated Quassel for usability and will include it.

If there is space we will consider installing Kolorpaint for drawing, this is to be discussed in a council meeting.

Skanlite should be tested and moved to main to offer a supported method for scanning.

kioslaves from KDE 3 should be removed from the archive and blacklisted from Debian syncing. Tonio will compile this list.


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