Changed to be made to Ubiquity and OEM Install in Kubuntu Jaunty.

Release Note

Ubiquity has been improved.


Keep to par with Ubuntu Desktop and improve usability.

Use Cases

Roger wants to select his timezone in the Caribbean which is close to other timezones, he uses the new map to select it.


Ubiquity should be ported to a native KDE 4 application. This will ensure it uses the correct style and icons. (Jonathan Riddell)

The timezone map should be replaced with the SVG created by Ken. Timezones should be highlighted when the mouse runs over it. It should be created as a QGraphicsView which will allow for zoom in buttons. (Jonathan Riddell)

Mirroring the changes in the GTK frontend, the partitioning labels need to be updated [FIXME details]

The user setup page should include a password strength bar, using code from kwallet.

The advanced setup page needs the GRUB line edit replaced with a pre-seeded combo box, using the same code as the GTK frontend.

Add the tickbox for auto-login to the user setup page and ensure Ubiquity can edit kdmrc to set AutoLogin=true.

Lower priority, a new disk parition bar could be created. This would be a custom widget using QGraphicsView. Artwork would need to come from Oxygen developers. (rgreening)

Mirror other changes made as part of [JauntyUbiquityUsability].

OEM Install

Update the OEM Installer help page ( and ensure it is accurate for Kubuntu. Create a docbook version of this document and include it in the oem-config package. Include a link to this document in the folderview plasmoid of the OEM configuration session. (Jonathan Jesse and Evan)

Update the language page to show all languages on the screen at once, using an icon view (without icons) rather than a list widget.


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