Fill in gaps in Kubuntu's functionality compared to KDE 3 and Ubuntu Desktop.

Release Note

Kubuntu has filled in essential functionality previously missing from KDE 4.


We should cover the features users have come to expect.

Use Cases

Rabbie wants to listen to MP3 format music, he launches Amarok and listens.

Restriced Install

We will add to update-notifier-kde to prompt the user to install kubuntu-restricted-extras if this is not installed. It should prompt at startup of Amarok and Dragon players which will be patched to send a dbus call to the notifier. If the user accepts it will use install-package to install. The right click menu will offer "restricted functionality install" if the user does not install at that time. Jonathan Riddell will look into this.

We will look at porting Konqueror's automatic flash install patch from KDE 3 but only do the work if it is not difficult since it complements the above. Roderick Greening will look into this.

System Config Printer

Intrepid used system-config-printer-kde as the printer setup tool but much functionality and UI design is still incomplete. Jonathan and Arby will complete the work specified in and matching the GTK version by completing the new printer wizard and implementing the custom settings page.

Display setup tool

tseliot is working on a new display setup tool using a python backend and GTK and KDE frontends. Roderick will work with him to ensure the KDE frontend is complete and well tested.

Front Page for Konqueror

The current Konqueror about page is still orientated around files. We will take out the central links and replace with a text box line marked "Web Seach" which goes to KDE's default search provider (Google). The introduction text should be removed too. Nixternal will work on this.


Roderick is working on a GUI for UFW. We will put this onto the DVD but not the default CD install.

User Setup

Celeste will specify a user interface for a user setup tool. Ralphe Janke will implement that as part of his userconfig KDE 4 port.

Guest Account

We will port the patch to GDM (67_guest-account.patch) which allows guest login running gdm-guest-session.

The original spec for this is DesktopTeam/Specs/Intrepid/GuestAccount.


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