Changes to the Kubuntu Council at the start of the Intrepid cycle.


As decided last year, we will retire half the 6 member council and select new members. Lure and Kwwii have said they can stand down. Hobbsee has already stepped down.

We will hold a meeting to select new members. In our brainstorm of names we came up with the names of mhb, seele, nightrose, apachelogger, scottk, stefans, and yuiry. Someone active in user support would be good.

We will encourage more people to apply for MOTU and core-dev. Active packagers and mergers like stdin and Arby (just names from our brainstorm) should be helped into becoming formal developers in this way.

We will run another Kubuntu Tutorials Day, preferably soon to bring people into the Intrepid cycle.

We should update the Kubuntu/Todo page for Intrepid.


Thanks for taking the initiative on new Council members. Please bear in mind the process for approval of new Council members described at CommunityCouncil/Delegation. --mdke


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